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Quickly verify if a user is a local administrator using command line

1. Type the command:
net localgroup administrators

2. Check if the account you are verifying is listed.

3. If it is not, and the account is a domain user account, you may also run :
gpresult /R /User the_username /Scope user


4. Make sure the account is part of either administrative security groups (example: BuiltinAdministrators).

You’re done.


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Non-admins and ActiveX controls

I recently participated to a training on Windows 7 Application Compatibility and learnt some interesting ways to workaround and/or fix failing integrations of applications built to run on Windows XP.

I have found this interesting article that deals with one of the key improvements present to us. Enjoy it!

Non-admins and ActiveX controls

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Back to the old days… “How to check a computer for Conficker infection… and fix it!”

I was about to delete this procedure from my documents, then I thought it could be helpful to someone. I wrote it some years ago, when the word “Conficker” meant “nightmare” to me…



I. Check Antivirus Presence and latest Engine/DAT presence

If the latest DAT is not installed, install it.

If the antivirus is not installed, install it .

II. Check On Access Scan is enabled

Most of the antiviruses have this functionality, just make sure it is correctly set.

III. Do On Demand Scan of the whole system

Observe any detection.

If any Conficker occurrence is found, make sure it is deleted.

IV. Check Windows Update KB 958644 hotfix presence

In the console session, go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

Make sure “Show Updates” option is checked.

Locate the update :

If the update is not there, install it !

V. Scan the computer with Sophos Malware Removal Tool

1) You can download it from Sophos website. Read this article for more information

2) At the end of the scanning, have a look to the log at: %TEMP%Sophos_MalConficker-A.log .

3) You may encounter the following indicating that Conficker was found and removed. Check Return Code at the end of the log file and check for any removal information!

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Sophos Cleanup Toolversion 1.02010-09-13 22:04:30 Copyright (c) 2009 Sophos Plc

2010-09-13 22:04:30 This tool will detect Mal/Conficker-A and remove it from this computer.

2010-09-13 22:04:30 This Sophos Cleanup Tool detects and cleans up all known threats related to the Conficker family, viz:

Mal/Conficker-A, Mal/Confick-Dam, Mal/Conficker-B, Mal/ConfInf-A, Troj/ConfData-A, Troj/ConfDr-B, Troj/ConfDr-C, Troj/ConfDr-Gen, W32/ConfDr-Gen, W32/Confick-A, W32/Confick-B, W32/Confick-C, W32/Confick-D, W32/Confick-F, W32/Confick-G, W32/Confick-H, W32/Confick-I, W32/Confick-K, W32/Confick-L, W32/Confick-M, W32/ConfikMem-A, W32/ConfikMem-B

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Windows version 5.1 SP 3.0 Service Pack 3 build 2600 SM=0x100 PT=0x1 Win32

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component cli.exe version 1.0

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component control.dll version 1.0

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component service.sys version 1.0

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component osdp.dll version

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component veex.dll version

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component savi.dll version

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Component rkdisk.dll version 1.5.3

2010-09-13 22:04:30 Will reboot automatically if required to complete cleanup.

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Virus data version 4.52

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Log file path: C:WINDOWSTempSophos_MalConficker-A.log

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Option all = yes

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Option service = yes

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Option repeat = 2

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Scan area: memory

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Scan area: registry

2010-09-13 22:04:32 Scan area: system

2010-09-13 22:05:40 >>> Virus ‘Mal/Conficker-A’ found in file C:Documents and SettingsNetworkServiceLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5RWD7CBX2qbghrvcd[1].gif

2010-09-13 22:15:08 Mal/Conficker-A2010-09-13 22:15:08 2010-09-13 22:15:25 Removal successful

2010-09-13 22:25:44 Scan completed.

2010-09-13 22:25:44

VI. Scan the computer with Microsoft Malware Removal Tool

1) The Windows MRT is also known as KB890830. The version is updated regularly. Download it from Microsoft website (make sure you download the version equivalent to your OS version and platform.

2) Run the MRT

3) At the end of the scanning, have a look to the log at: %windir%debugmrt.log

4) You may encounter the following indicating that Conficker was found and removed. Check Return Code at the end of the log file and check for any removal information!

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Installing Office 2007 or 2010 keeps failing with error 2203 (Windows 7)

I was recurrently getting the following error when installing Office 2007 or 2010 on Windows 7:

Error 2203. An Internal Error has occurred. (C:WindowsInstaller******.ipi – 2147287035 ) Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS, see C:usersmy_userAppDataLocalTempSetup00000420PSS10R.CHM

(The .ipi file being everytime different)

Looking for a solution, I first found this link which suggested to restart Windows Installer service, and give Full Control permission to “Everyone” on %TEMP% folder.

Unfortunately for me, this never happen to solve my issue.

I finally thought about Windows Clean Boot: .

Here follow the steps I used to install correctly Office:

1. Click Start and type "msconfig.exe" in the Start Search box. Press Enter.

2. On the General tab, choose Selective Startup and clear the "Load Startup Items" check box.

3. In the "Services" tab, check "Hide all Microsoft Services" and click disable all.

4. In the "Startup" tab, click "Disable all".

5. Click OK.

6. Restart the computer and try to install Office again. The installation should execute perfectly.

7. After the installation, go back to msconfig.exe and select “Normal startup”. This should also bring back all previous configurations in “Services” and “Startup” tabs.

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Funny translation mistake in Windows 7 French version

I usually read the balloons so quickly that I never remark some details.

What was my surprise yesterday when I noticed this funny mistake in Windows 7 balloon!

Basically, this message says that the Windows Updates will be installed at next shutdown, or ON 3AM AT 20-July-2011 !

They missed to put the “ON” and “AT” at the right place in the sentence!!!

Microsoft, wanna hire me as a translator?

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Windows 7 upgrade paths

In case you are wondering the upgrade possibilities of your Windows 7 installation, please have a look to Microsoft Website on page

Here is an extract that could be helpful:

· Windows Anytime Upgrade Path:

From Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7
Home Basic Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
Home Premium Professional, Ultimate
Professional Ultimate
Starter Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate


Note that upgrading to Enterprise version is not covered.

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